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2013 KoU PSA's and Calls for Assistance

If shameless begging and grovelling is offensive to you, you might want to click the back button on your browser. The KoU doesn't want your money (well, yeah it does), but our efforts to entertain the world would also be tremendoulsy aided by your participation in any of the things listed below.

Request for Digital Content

If you have digital images of the Krewe du Vieux Parade or of KoU members in costume, please click on the Webmaster email link at the bottom of this page and submit them so that we can add them to our Picture Gallery and Archive. If you have larger content like videos or non-digital content you'd like to contribute, please email the details using the same link below and the KoU Web Guru will get back to you as soon as possible to arrange copying or collecting what you have to contribute.

Request for Graphic Artists and Web Site Designers

The 2013 Web Guru inhereted this site. If you think it is the worst thing you've ever seen on the web, then go to Google, click on the "Images" tab, put in your name, and hit search. If nothing comes up, then you just might be right. If you think this site sucks AND you have skills to contribute to make it better, then click on the Webmaster link below and send The Web Guru a little blurb about what you're willing to contribute. Keep in mind The KoU web budget is equivalent to the GDP of any medium sized, non-existent country, so any contributions will be voluntary and irrevocable (but you will get a LOT of credit and awe). For an amazing fully re-designed logo or web site, there might be a few beers in it for you (if you're over 20 years old), or a couple of VIP tickets to the Krewe du Vieux's Post-Parade Doo. If that's not good enough, then we can probably get one of the more seasoned male members of the Krewe to throw in a lap dance. Ummm... on second thought, you better stick with the beers and Doo tix.

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