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INSTRUCTIONS (Not Quite Fool Proof): To purchase your membership, enter your name and click "Add to Cart". Click "Continue Shopping" from the Cart page to return here to add more items. To purchase multiple memberships simply enter another name and click "Add to Cart" again. To purchase Schwag, click "Add to Cart" once on any item you wish to purchase. When you are adding Schwag items, you may edit quanitites for any added items from the Cart Page. If you lose track of your Cart Page, just click on "View Cart" at the bottom of this page to get back to it. Finally, click the "Proceed to Checkout" button from the Cart to pay for all of your items!

Enter Member Name
$150.00-Membership Dues: Must Enter Name!

$10.00 - Underwear Koozies (1 dozen)
$20.00 - Bag of Underwear Doubloons (50 per bag)
$13.00 - Bag of KDV Wooden Nickels (100 per bag)
$12.50 - Sleeve of Cups (25 per sleeve)

Click the "View Cart" button to get back to your cart if needed to check out. You can edit quantities of all schwag items in your cart before checking out!

DISCLAIMER: This page is password protected and for the use of authorized Krewe of Underwear Members only. If you are not an authorized Krewe of Underwear Member, then congratulations! You've hacked your way into the equivalent of a junk mail catalog. All unauthorized purchases will be refunded, but may also be subject to handling, processing, restocking, and highly exhorbitant "jackass be stupid" charges. Your use of this page signifies you have read and understand this important disclaimer.

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